Distinctive Inflatable Arch Makes A Powerful Statement At Breast Cancer Walks

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MSABC ArchInflatable Arch Accomplishes Two Goals: Clear Branding and High Visibility

There's a certain shade of pink that, when you see it, you instantly know its meaning. The American Cancer Society wants to be sure that every fundraising and awareness event is clearly recognized by making generous use of this and other branding elements. That's just what they accomplished with an eye-catching pink and white starting line arch.

Designed to be the focal point for charity walks, the arch is where participants gather to kick off the event. It's also the goal all runners and walkers strive for. Because it's so eye-catching, it makes a great backdrop for event photos, ensuring its appearance in newspapers and other publications. Even better, it helps bring more awareness to a well-deserved cause.

Peggy Donaldson, Community Manager for Special Events, says the arch is a clear winner. "This arch was such a great addition to our events in Jackson and Memphis, Tennessee! It helped us create that one-of-a-kind visibility for all participants!"

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Inflatable Mascot Helps Tech Company Stand Out In A Crowded Venue

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Edwin DuckEdwin The Inflatable Duck Is A Big Hit At CES

Thousands of people, hundreds of booths, and everywhere you look, there's a cool new gadget to grab your attention. The Consumer Electronics Show is the place to be for tech firms, but without a standout display, it can be tough to attract buyers to your booth.

That's just what pi lab, the makers of Edwin the Duck, faced as they headed for Las Vegas to show off their popular learning toy. The solution? "Giant Edwin." The inflatable mascot shares his smaller cousin's enthusiasm for education, with the added benefit of being highly visible — and more than a little photogenic.

In fact, pi lab CEO Matt MacBeth says their booth at CES enjoyed a steady stream of retailers, distributors, bloggers and members of the media — all thanks to a four-foot-tall inflatable duck. He calls the event "a resounding success," due in large part to Giant Edwin, and says some people stopped by just for a photo op with the mascot.

Giant Edwin has since made appearances at sporting events, parades, festivals and even grand openings, and by all accounts, he and the folks at pi lab are having a blast.

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Inflatable Arch Is The Center Of Attention At Tucson Running Events

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Everyone Runs ArchInflatable Arch Makes Tucson Area Event Promoter Look Great

What's it take to not only pull off a successful running event, but do it over and over again? For Tucson promoter Everyone Runs, it requires a dedicated team and top-quality equipment, and that begins with their inflatable start/finish line archway. It's the first thing runners see when they arrive for a race, and forms the focal point for all the day's activities. With that kind of visibility, the folks at Everyone Runs knew they wanted something special to represent their brand with a professional look.

According to their website, Everyone Runs produces events that are welcoming to runners of all skill levels. Because they take place throughout the Tucson area, portability and quality were important concerns, and an inflatable arch filled the bill perfectly. Not only that, but the eye-catching design is the perfect canvas for showcasing sponsors, giving event promoters the opportunity for some well-deserved shout-outs.

For runners and race enthusiasts in southeast Arizona, the familiar blue and white arch marks the start of a great run, and in this case, everyone wins.

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Giant Inflatable Peach Sculpture Makes A Dramatic Appearance In Toronto

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Giant Peach TheaterGiant Inflatable Peach Draws Press & Theater-Goers

How do you best garner attention for your live performance of "James and the Giant Peach"? With a real-life giant peach, naturally. And that's just what one theater company did. By all accounts, the results were predictably peachy.

In the classic children's tale, one scene stands out. In it, the giant peach lands atop the Empire State Building, creating quite a spectacle. Young People's Theatre in Toronto wanted to recreate the scene during the show's run, and they had just the setting to pull it off. Housed in a three-story building on a busy Toronto street corner, the theater was the ideal substitute for the famous location, and the effect was certainly attention grabbing.

Not only did the local press take notice, but social media mentions increased as well, giving the show an added bit of fame. Theater-goers loved being a part of the inside joke, and the Director of Production feels it worked to get the crowd excited about each performance.

Who would have thought a giant inflatable fruit sculpture could be so sweet?

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Inflatable Arch Helps Raise Funds During California Coast Classic Charity Ride

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Inflatable Arthritis Bike ArchwayInflatable Arch Provides Affordable Solution For Arthritis Charity Ride

With a backdrop of breathtaking scenery stretching 525 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles, the California Coast Classic (CCC) is an eight-day charity ride with one goal: raising funds to battle arthritis.

Like many other events of this nature, the CCC uses a start and finish line to kick off and end the festivities. Because the start line and finish line are in two different cities, the logistics can be a tad complicated.

On the CCC's wish list were:

  • the ability to move the inflatable arch easily.
  • an arch that didn't take up much room during transport.
  • an attractive-looking presentation.
  • a one-time fee.
  • the ability to add paid sponsor banners.

"[The inflatable arch] created a wonderful backdrop to brand our events, capture our sponsors in the photos used by the participants, and made it easy to travel down the coast of California without taking up too much space on our trucks," said Chief Development Officer, Amy Daugherty. "We also appreciated the one-time fee that allowed it to become ours forever without continuously paying a rental company for an ugly metal start / finish that you have to cover with expensive banners annually."

The end result was a product that delivered everything the CCC needed while helping them raise over $1,000,000 per year for this worthy cause. Two thumbs up for the awesome work you do!

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Inflatable Armadillo Mascot Reminds Customers To Call Before They Dig

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Inflatable Armadillo CharacterInflatable Armadillo Character Is Actually A Dog

When is an inflatable armadillo character really a dog? When it pulls double duty as a publicity hound! Sporting his fashionable gray high-tops and an easy-to-read "Dig Safe" banner, Mr. Diggs recently came onboard with the CoServ Electric Cooperative as their mascot.

According to Marketing and Communications Manager Oscar Martinez, "He helps draw attention to the national Call 811 campaign, which encourages people to dial 811 before digging in the ground. Phone operators are standing by to schedule utility-locate services within 48 hours to mark underground lines at the location of the dig — whether it be a homeowner's front yard or a developer's excavation site.

"Mr. Diggs' back story is still being filled out, as is his personality, though he's already gaining a reputation as a publicity hound. One thing is for sure — he'll use any opportunity, including holidays, events and festivals, to bring attention to his safe-digging campaign. Follow @mrdiggs811 on Twitter!"

The "Dig Safe" campaign started over a year ago to remind co-op customers to be careful while digging. Rupturing a gas or electric line can be dangerous or even deadly. So, does Mr. Diggs just hide under his shell most of the time? Certainly not! Oscar keeps him quite busy with a bustling schedule. "He'll likely make appearances at sponsored sporting events, such as the Texas Legends and/or Frisco RoughRiders, the Plano Balloon Fest and the CoServ Annual Meeting, which is attended by thousands of our members."

Waddle on, Mr. Diggs, and more power to you!

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"Thank you so much for getting the arch to us in time for our event!  The arch looked great and we couldn't of been happier with the look.  Looking forward to ordering another arch from you for our 2013 events!"

- Holly Vittengl, Gladiator Assault Challenege