Inflatable Football Helmet Builds Good Will for Financial Firm

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L5711 MAX Football HelmetGiant Inflatable Football Helmet "Astounds" Local Fans

When Charles Henderson High School hosts a home football game, the excitement starts even before kickoff. As fans cheer, the school's varsity football team bursts onto the field out of a huge inflatable football helmet. And it's made possible by MAX, a financial services provider serving Central and East Alabama.

According to MAX Vice President of Marketing [FIRST NAME, LAST NAME], the firm donated the giant helmet to Charles Henderson as a goodwill gesture. "MAX is new in the Troy market," she explains, "and this in-kind sponsorship was intended to expose the community to MAX's commitment as a hometown provider."

Built by Landmark Creations, the inflatable sports tunnel makes a dramatic impression. So far, it has received a rousing response. "Community feedback has been outstanding," says [NAME]. Both the school and the football program, she reports, are "astounded at MAX's creativity as a booster."

Why did MAX choose Landmark to create the giant inflatable? "Landmark [had already] created a large inflatable logo for MAX several years ago," [NAME] says, "and we have been very pleased. All MAX had to supply to Landmark was four photos of Charles Henderson's football helmet," she relates, "and the result was spot-on."