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Inflatable Sports Tunnel Gets RFK High School Students Pumped

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Inflatable Thunderbird Sports Tunnel

RFK High School Rules the Field with Their Inflatable Sports Tunnel

If you ask Les Lucas, Athletic Director of Robert F. Kennedy High School, why the school uses their inflatable sports tunnel, he'll tell you it's for athletic team motivation and increasing fan attendance at athletic events. And he'd be right!

A custom-made, cold-air inflatable tunnel can raise a stadium of people to their feet faster than an NFL running back. As the players come pouring onto the field through the opening of this impressive tunnel topped with a steely-eyed thunderbird, students and parents alike rally in support.

The same holds true for basketball, soccer and almost every other sport. However, there are countless other uses for these impressive tunnels, too.

Anywhere you want to display your school's presence is a great place for a cold-air inflatable tunnel (provided there is a power source). School-sponsored fundraisers such as car washes or bake sales, or homecoming events, are just a few of the dozens of ways your sports tunnel can be useful.

Why did RFK High School choose Landmark Creations? The primary reason was price. When you can find professional, custom designs and quality this high at prices this affordable, it makes your buying decision much easier. 

Ready to light a fire under your students and fans?

Take a look at our gallery of sports tunnels and then contact us for more info.