Texas Christian University Revs Up College Sports Marketing With Inflatable Mascot

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TCU Horned FrogTexas Christian University Increases Fan Attendance With Inflatable College Mascot

While Kermit™ may be the most famous amphibian in the land, Texas Christian University's college mascot — the Texas horned frog — probably runs a close second. If you've never seen one, you can just imagine what it looks like based strictly on the name.

This fierce critter with slanted eyes, sharp claws and — of course — horns, is a small terror in the real world. Just imagine the striking impression it leaves when created with a 10-foot stature in all its inflatable wonder. If you were on the other team, you'd be shaking in your cleats for sure!

Assistant Director of Marketing Julie Austin explained, "We hoped to accomplish drawing in more students and fans into games. We use the inflatable frog at sporting events for brand awareness and photo ops for fans. It has become a trademark of volleyball and baseball games, as well as in Frog Alley during football pre-game."

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