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Markets - Who Uses Inflatables

Landmark Inflatables Score Big In Every Market for Advertising, Event Planning & Marketing

Marketing products takes a lot of creativity. According to CBS News, the average American sees over 5,000 advertising messages daily. To make an impact when marketing products, your advertising, event planning & marketing strategies have to incorporate eye-catching techniques that leave an impression that lasts long enough to get consumers into the stores to buy.  This is where Landmark Creations inflatables really shine!

Inflatables Help Marketers Gain Attention In Almost Every Industry. Learn How:

Pumpkin Tunnel Oak IslandInflatable Pumpkin Tunnel Wows Crowds at Fall Festivals

As the company behind many of the country's biggest outdoor events, Oak Island Creative knows what it takes to "wow" the crowds. Holiday-themed festivals and other gatherings are especially popular among Oak Island's clients, and autumn events call for something extra special.

Keith Loughlin Helium SphereKeith Loughlin Earns Re-election with the Help of a Giant Helium Balloon 

When it comes to the election of political officials, the landscape can quickly get cluttered. Everywhere you look, the horizon is filled with lawn signs, banners and little, branded balloons for the kids. However, New Jersey Councilman Keith Loughlin discovered that taking to the sky gives a distinct advantage when trying to get your name out to the masses.

Inflatable Zombie at Zombie Pub Crawl

Let Your Inner Zombie Out with an Inflatable Mascot

Saying that the Zombie Pub Crawl is the time of your life is a bit of an oxymoron. Zombies, after all, are dead. Nonetheless, for one night a year residents and visitors from far and wide are invited to let their inner zombies run free in the streets of Minneapolis for an evening of semi-civilized mayhem.

Inflatable Tire BillboardEd Chaney Tire Center’s Inflatable Product Replica Keeps Him “Top of Mind”

Pop Quiz: When do people buy tires? Answer? Whenever they need them. There is no tire season or scheduled time to buy as there is with Christmas gifts or weekly groceries. Because there is no way to predict when drivers will need new tires, you have to market your business continually.

Top-of-mind awareness is what drives Ed Chaney’s tire business, and he’s smart enough to realize what that means: promote your company at all times so that when someone has a blowout, notices worn tread or decides they want snow tires, they think of you first… you are at the top of their mind.

Ed explains his process and why he decided to incorporate a cold-air inflatable into his marketing plan. “We support our community through sponsorships, and in the past we have put a banner or table at an event. Now we can place the inflatable in a high traffic area and have a 24/7, larger-than-life representative on site.

“This has created tremendous buzz around town and we have received a great deal of compliments on the Big Tire. Exposure is my goal, and the inflatable does that better than anyone, including me, can do at these events. The Big Tire never takes a break, gets tired or has to take a call. It just keeps shining bright and the kids love it.”

Class dismissed.

Looking for an inflatable for automotive marketing? Fill out a free estimate form for details and pricing!

Inflatable Snow Globe CostumeSnow Globes Come To Life As Inflatable Costumes For Christmas Parade

Remember snow globes from your childhood? Those small handheld toys could be shaken until the scenery inside was surrounded by a flurry of "snow" suspended in water. The effect was fascinating to watch. Now these whimsical toys have been brought to life through the magic of inflatable costumes!

SHAPE Diva Dash Inflatable TentSKA Events Uses Custom Inflatables to Make Divas Happy

SKA Events (an event production company) needed a portable shelter to serve as a recognizable structure at the SHAPE Diva Dash 5K nationwide series of obstacle races. Their criteria included being large enough to house sponsor displays, prize giveaways and a lounge area. SKA Events also wanted flexibility with the use of the shelter since each market for the Diva Dash was unique.

DNT Media Building

DNT Media Discovers the Power of Promotional Inflatables

Everywhere you look, you see advertising. And, if you're like most people, you ignore it. One reason is that we are bombarded with marketing messages on an ongoing basis. Some estimates range from 2,000 to 3,000 exposures per day. Another reason advertising has become less effective is because it lacks creativity.

In a marketplace filled with the same old approaches, it is easy for people to overlook attempts to get their attention. This is precisely why DNT Media was created.

"We are continually dissatisfied with the lack of creativity and blue-sky thinking that abounds in today's marketplace," comments DNT Art Director Tiffany Walt O'Brien. "Our ability to develop a unique plan and provide accurate leadership is how we make market leaders."

This progressive marketing company discovered the power of inflatable advertising and decided to put it to the test. What drew them to this medium? "We have only recently started using promotional inflatables for large conventions and tradeshows. At tradeshows, especially, inflatable advertising is a must to stand out from literally hundreds of other brands that are trying to do the same thing you are. They draw attention and evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity!"

From small startups to Fortune 500 conglomerates, promotional inflatables are proving themselves to be worthy of the trust of DNT Media and many other agencies. That's because they function using a simple inflatable advertising success formula: stand apart from the crowd, evoke curiosity and cause onlookers to stop in their tracks.

Looking for more inflatable advertising ideas? Check out our online gallery!

Trax Tires Inflatable Billboard at Community Event

Tires & Tailgating Are a Winning Combination for this Inflatable Billboard

If you want to attract lots of attention while tailgating, follow Trax Tires' example. Using their inflatable billboard, Trax sets up a tailgating tent at all University of Southern Alabama home football games. But it's no ordinary tent. It's an entire community.

In addition to creating an atmosphere of excitement and team spirit, the Trax Tires community (called JagTrax) offers a way to reward those who have given back to the city of Mobile. Each week, the winning organization wins game tickets and more plus a chance to hang out at the JagTrax with company reps and others. 

Fellow Jaguars fans can stop by for food and t-shirts, and to try their hand at racing the RC monster truck around its course. The entire time the Trax inflatable billboard is front and center to help reinforce branding.

Kimberly McKeand, Marketing Director of Trax Tires, told us, "So far we have received a lot of positive feedback from people in our community saying that they love [our inflatable billboard]. We hope people will see our inflatable tire and remember our name when it comes time for them to purchase tires or have their vehicles serviced." After all, that's the name of the game… make a lasting impression that brings customers to your door.

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Inflatable Segwaloon at ParadeHybrid Cold-Air Inflatable Is Unveiled at Charlotte Thanksgiving Day Parade

What do you get when you cross a cold-air inflatable balloon with a Segway? A Segwaloon! The concept and the name were created by Robert Krumbine, Executive Producer of the Charlotte Center City Partners, for the Novant Health Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Inflatable McWrap for Dalton AgencyInflatable Product Replica Pumps Up the Dalton Agency's Food Marketing Strategy

What's 20 feet tall, weighs 80 pounds and makes your mouth water? An inflatable product replica of McDonald's new McWrap. In a sea of vans, tents and people, the Dalton Agency needed a clever way to capture attention from far and wide for its client (McDonald's) at events. The agency decided on an inflatable product replica of McDonald's new McWrap because the shape, size and color gave the restaurant a competitive edge in a crowd.

Gibson Tires Inflatable Automotive BillboardAn Inflatable Product Replica Means Never Paying to Promote Another Brand

Does this sound like you? "We have always rented inflatables for our events mostly from manufacturers. We were paying to promote other brands." Like many small businesses, it seems logical at first to rent large promotional items instead of buying your own. However, the problem with this approach is that those other inflatables are generic.

While rented inflatables might depict a product like yours, they won't give you the brand recognition these marketing balloons are famous for instilling. Gipson's Tire Pros found this out and, once they realized the advantage of owning their own custom inflatable product replica, their event marketing got a shot in the arm.

Owner Hootie Gipson explains: "This year we decided it was time to start using an inflatable with our name on it. We can put our brand front and center. We used our inflatable for the first time recently and found that folks loved taking photos in front of it and really drew the crowd over to our booth area. We were very pleased with the way it displays our brand."

And because those photos inevitably end up on social media, Gipson also gets a wonderful little viral effect. Want some?

Contact us today to revv up your automotive marketing efforts!

Inflatable Battery Replica at Trade Show

Inflatable Product Replica Powers Up the Creative Advertising Efforts of FVP

Racetracks. Tradeshows. Wherever it goes, the FVP VoltEdge battery inflatable product replica gets noticed. And that's the point. At these and other venues, there's always something going on. In environments where your prospects' attention is fractured, you want to have a marketing tool that makes a big impression. That's one reason FVP chose Landmark Creations.

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