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Automotive Industry Inflatables

Inflatable Automotive Logo

Custom Automotive Marketing Inflatables Appeal to Every Buyer

As one of the most competitive industries, auto dealerships fight for every percentage of market share and every sale. Because manufacturer-wide incentives keep the playing field level, your showroom must develop automotive marketing ideas that make it easy for consumers to choose you.

Looking for more creative automotive marketing ideas? View our automotive marketing inflatables gallery.

Gibson Tires Inflatable Automotive BillboardAn Inflatable Product Replica Means Never Paying to Promote Another Brand

Does this sound like you? "We have always rented inflatables for our events mostly from manufacturers. We were paying to promote other brands." Like many small businesses, it seems logical at first to rent large promotional items instead of buying your own. However, the problem with this approach is that those other inflatables are generic.

Inflatable Battery Replica at Trade Show

Inflatable Product Replica Powers Up the Creative Advertising Efforts of FVP

Racetracks. Tradeshows. Wherever it goes, the FVP VoltEdge battery inflatable product replica gets noticed. And that's the point. At these and other venues, there's always something going on. In environments where your prospects' attention is fractured, you want to have a marketing tool that makes a big impression. That's one reason FVP chose Landmark Creations.

Precision Tune Auto Care Inflatable Advertising Tire

Precision Tune's Cold-Air Inflatable Reinforces Branding

Quick! When I say, "Precision Tune," what comes to mind first? Oil changes, right? Did you also know Precision Tune does tires? Yeah, I thought so. And that's what prompted this auto maintenance giant to approach Landmark Creations about developing a tire-shaped, giant advertising balloon.

Inflatable Tire BillboardEd Chaney Tire Center’s Inflatable Product Replica Keeps Him “Top of Mind”

Pop Quiz: When do people buy tires? Answer? Whenever they need them. There is no tire season or scheduled time to buy as there is with Christmas gifts or weekly groceries. Because there is no way to predict when drivers will need new tires, you have to market your business continually.

Custom Inflatable Arch at Motorcycle Night Event

Motorcycle Night Inflatable Archway Directs Traffic & Provides a Bit of Wow!

Every Tuesday night from May to September you'll find a swarm of motorcycles turning out in Lowell, Massachusetts, for Motorcycle Night. During each event, bikers have the chance to meet other riders, take in live bands, check out custom bikes and talk with top motorcycle sponsors and vendors.

Big Gorilla Auto Sales Inflatable Gorilla Character

Big Gorilla Auto Sales Inflatable Mascot

When you look back over the history of inflatables, one thing that stands out is the inflatable gorilla. Today, that legendary icon is still performing well for businesses all across the country including one used-car dealership in Lakeland, Florida. 

Trax Tires Inflatable Billboard at Community Event

Tires & Tailgating Are a Winning Combination for this Inflatable Billboard

If you want to attract lots of attention while tailgating, follow Trax Tires' example. Using their inflatable billboard, Trax sets up a tailgating tent at all University of Southern Alabama home football games. But it's no ordinary tent. It's an entire community.

Inflatable Marlin Costume at Car Wash Location

Customers Ask for Car Wash Express's Marlin Character Inflatable

Fast, friendly and wet… few things could be a more appropriate representative of a speedy car wash than a marlin. That's precisely why Car Wash Express chose this creature as its front man (front fish?).  Standing about eight-feet tall, the marlin costume is the latest addition to the marketing department of this high-volume wash.

Kankakee Helium Advertising Blimp

Inflatable Blimp for Kankakee Auto Recyclers is Great for Grand Opening

When you've got something special, you should show it off. That's the attitude Kankakee Auto Recyclers has about their inflatable advertising blimp.  With multiple locations, their inflatable covers a lot of ground and functions in several capacities. 

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