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Beverage Marketing InflatablesBeverage Sales & Marketing Efforts Reach New Heights With Custom Inflatables

From marketing beer to marketing milk, inflatables from Landmark Creations have a proven track record in the beverage marketing arena. Their height stands out even in the largest of crowds. Their colors attract attention and their interesting appearance makes a lasting visual impression.  

Your beverage sales & marketing efforts reach new heights when you use custom inflatables for marketing products through:

Event Promotions - Lay it out, turn on the blower and watch your inflatable rise to the sky. A line will quickly form leading right to you. It's that easy to create a lasting impression.  Roll up your inflatable, tuck it inside its carrier and you're ready for the next event.
• Taste Tests - Inflatables can be custom made to suit your size and height requirements. From 5' tall soda bottles for indoor displays to 25' tall orange juice cartons for outdoor use, product replicas are always a popular part of the beverage sales & marketing mix.
• Product Launches - Whether you're marketing beer, soft drinks or juice boxes, every product launch will make an impact when you use inflatables.
• Point-of-Purchase Displays - Create a little buzz with custom inflatables at your point of purchase displays. Small, sealed miniatures make excellent giveaways and shorter inflatable balloons work wonderfully for capturing the attention of passers by. Use them both for a powerful one-two punch. 

Beverage marketing can take many forms depending on the beverage itself. However, inflatables relate well to every target group from men to women, young and old. Whether you're marketing alcoholic beverages, bottled water, sports drinks or soda, ask us about marketing with inflatables. We'll gladly share success stories that can help you surge ahead with product launches, brand recognition and market share retention campaigns. 

Inflatable Orange Juice Bottles

For more creative ideas for marketing beer, soda or other beverages with inflatables, please visit our beverage inflatables gallery.

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