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Inflatables for Stage Producers and Tour Managers

Stage Productions Become More Captivating With Inflatable, Giant Props

Add definition and intrigue to your stage presence with the use of custom-designed inflatables. Landmark Creations' inflatables are perfectly suited for dance or theater props as well as rock concert props and more. In addition, giant inflatable props are available in customizable sizes as well as several varieties that allow interaction, if desired. Cold-air inflatables can be made into slides, pits and more. Dynamic inflatables move with the force of artificially generated wind. Helium inflatables can be remote controlled to fly on command.

Constructed from the highest quality materials, they are also easy to inflate, deflate and move.  Our extensive experience with developing giant props helps us ask the right questions so we create precisely what you're looking for down to the last detail.

Theater - Drama to comedy, theater props can be made in virtually any shape, size or likeness. Trees, towers, walls, ships, castles, spiders… you name it, we can make it!

  • Concerts - From country to rock, concert props deliver extra umph to the performance.
  • Dance - Giant props can add as much to a dance troops' stage presence as the performance itself.
  • Children's Productions - Barney's Birthday Cake, Nickelodeon's Wild and Crazy Kids Live Tour props, giant whales and more bring children's performances to life!

What's more, inflatables go far beyond stage production. They also accomplish the most important goals of marketing and promotions. We've proudly helped countless stage production companies wow their audiences with the inclusion of custom-designed, giant theater props. It would be our pleasure to assist you as well.

Custom Inflatables for Stage Productions

Stage productions of all types can benefit from the added interest giant props offer. Inflatable stage props are extremely detailed and designed by our talented artists. Your set staff will appreciate the fact that inflatables are easy to inflate, deflate and move. Custom designs mean you get exactly the size, shape, color and style you want.

Inflatable House Stage Prop

Want more creative ideas for your concert or stage sets? View our stage production inflatables gallery.

Giant Inflatable Peach Sculpture Makes A Dramatic Appearance In Toronto
#Yes Heart Sculpture Delights Visitors To Boston Harbor
Inflatable Stage Props Add Fun to Neon Trees' Concert Tour
Inflatable Characters Help Promote YouTube Channel & Set World Record
MIMMI Inflatable Art Gauges the Mood of Minneapolis Using Technology
Inflatable Stage Prop Steals the Show at Perth Amboy High School
Cold-Air Inflatable Adds Pizzazz to Italian Festival
Dorothy the Dinosaur Character Inflatable House
Custom Inflatable Advertising Balloon for Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montana
Inflatable Hook 'em Horns for BFS

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