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Financial Industry Marketing Using Inflatables

Custom Inflatables for Financial Marketers and Banks

Marketing A Credit Union or Bank? Marketing Events Accomplish More With Inflatables

All credit union and banking promotions have two common underlying goals. First: Get more customers or members.  Second: Get those customers to use more services provided by the bank. Marketing events of all types accomplish more and get a better response with the use of inflatables.

Whether you're marketing a credit union's new checking account or are rolling out a bank's highest CD rate in months, custom inflatables help you get noticed.

  • Car Dealer Events - Here's a popular bank marketing event.  Connect with used car dealers or rental car locations and provide special rates with on-site financing for buyers who become new members. Your inflatable on-site at the dealership will quickly let passers by know something special is happening.
  • Trade Shows - Home shows are especially productive banking promotions.  All those home improvements cost money… money new customers can borrow from you. Inflatables can draw crowds to your booth from clear across the exhibit hall!
  • On-Location Banking Promotions - What do you need?  Small, sealed inflatable giveaways? Tabletop-sized inflatable checkbooks? Ten-foot-tall college dorm replicas?  Customers start asking questions about on-location banking promotions when inflatables are around. Are you following the five goals of marketing a credit union or bank?

Inflatables help you not only get more customers and members, but also get those members to use more services. By incorporating custom inflatables from Landmark Creations, your bank marketing events draw more attention. Whether you're on-site at car dealer sales or home shows, or at your own branch locations, inflatables of all shapes and sizes work well indoors and out.

H&R Block Inflatable Helium Sphere

Want more creative ideas for financial industry marketing? View our financial industry inflatables gallery.

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