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Inflatables for Museums and Exhibits

Inflatables Make Imaginative Museum Exhibits: Design Creative Displays for Every Type of Museum

Events at art, science and children's museums often call for special props for marketing or as actual museum exhibits. Design intriguing, provoking or whimsical presentations and let Landmark Creations bring them to life.

Whether you're promoting coming attractions or designing a new museum display, we have the imagination and know-how to develop everything from dinosaurs to rockets and body parts to planets.

  • Museum Exhibits - Design a museum display with inflatable brains, butterflies with outstretched wings, giant scuba divers, planetariums and more. Inflatable exhibits are always a hit with kids and adults.
  • Large Format Films - From films featuring the mythical, Greek goddess Nike to Alaskan grizzly bears, custom inflatables are intriguing promotional tools that help increase attendance.
  • Museum Events - Lectures, screenings or performances, whatever exciting events are coming to your museum, custom inflatables can play an integral role in your marketing plan. Are your museum's current promotional efforts accomplishing the five goals of marketing

Inflatables are a natural fit with museums.

Whether you're creating new displays, promoting exhibitions on view or celebrating museum events, large inflatables contribute to the interest and intrigue that is inherent in science, art and children's museums. With over 20 years experience and thousands of inflatables produced, you can count on Landmark Creations to design and develop long-lasting balloons that contribute to your success. Learn more about how museums use custom inflatables.

Inflatable Penguin

Inflatables can help you expand your visitor base and reach new patrons. Browse custom museum inflatables in our online gallery.

Inflatable Characters Welcome Guests to the Minnesota Historical Society
Custom Inflatable Stage Prop Proven to Raise Earth Science Test Scores
Giant, Inflatable Wildlife Replicas Reveal How Nature Impacts Science
Carnegie Science Center Uses Inflatable Character to Promote Space Exhibit
Inflatable, Imaginative Museum Exhibit from a Creative Inflatable Manufacturer
Unique Inflatable Artwork is Turning Heads… Literally
Inflatable Wildlife Replica Whale Educates Young and Old About Marine Life
Life-sized Wildlife Replica Inspires Children to Learn
Outdoor Inflatable Art by David Byrne | "Tight Spot" Inflatable Globe
Inflatable Life-Size Shark Replica Teaches Kids About Nature
Custom Inflatable Artwork Strikes a Chord with the Public
Komodo Dragon Inflatable Builds Curiosity for New Zoo Exhibit
Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center Komodo Dragon
Tristin Lowe's 52-Foot Cold-Air Inflatable Whale
Inflatable Mascots Capture Hearts on Parade Floats

Want to learn more about using inflatables for museum marketing and exhibits? Download our FREE eBook: Inflatables for Museums!

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