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Inflatables for Pet Industry

Marketing A Pet Business Is More Fun & Exciting With Inflatables

According to the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Counsel, pets and their increasingly high standard of living has translated into roughly a $40 million a year industry. From the moment owners become pet parents they lavish their K-9 and kitty kids with plush beds, organic food, ornate collars and clothes, gourmet treats, extravagant pet resorts or daycare, and the best medical care money can buy. As the competition grows, marketing a pet business becomes significantly more difficult.

From pet store events to a pet trade show, reaching pet parents now requires not only a unique spin on your product or service, but also a distinctive icon to set you apart. Working with IAMS, Kibbles 'n Bits and other prominent pet icons, Landmark Creations understands how to develop inflatables that work!

Inflatables are particularly well suited for:

  • Pet Store Events -  Whether it's a local grand opening, a celebration of National Pet Wellness Month or a regional campaign, pet store events are more fun and draw bigger crowds when inflatables are included.
  • Pet Trade Shows - Reinforcing brands, introducing owners to new products and services, and marketing your pet business or veterinarian practice are all important parts of a pet trade show.  In the middle of numerous other vendors how will you stand out?  With custom inflatables from Landmark Creations!
  • Marketing Pet Products. Product launches and sponsorships open doors to draw more customers.  Consumers find it easier to identify with and remember your products when they are represented with a 30-foot tall inflatable product replica. What's more… inflatables accomplish the five most important goals of marketing a pet business.

Get pet parents excited about your products and services when you use inflatables for pet store events, trade shows and other types of marketing. With product replicas, inflatable mascots or other creative and interesting designs, you'll find you gain more interest from potential customers. You'll also set the tone for fun, creativity and even education by incorporating Landmark Creations inflatables into your campaigns. 

Inflatable Black Lab

Want more creative ideas for marketing your pet business or product? View our pet marketing inflatables gallery.

Frisbee Dog Entertainment & Their Inflatable Mascot are Both World Class

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