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Inflatable Wolf Mascot

Inflatables Are the Champions of Sports Marketing and Promotions

In sports - public relations, marketing & advertising are what drive interest.  Interest drives crowds and crowds equate to press coverage, sponsorships, admission fees and more.  Whether it's pro, high school or college sports marketing, getting fans in the stands is the primary goal.  Without the emotional and financial support of those who love sports, team owners and schools would be left with nothing to cheer about.

Looking for more creative sports marketing ideas? View our sports inflatables gallery.

Inflatable Football Tunnel Fires Up Fans for the East Central Hornets

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East Central Hornets' Inflatable Football Helmet Tunnel at Home Game

East Central Hornets Buzz the Field through Their Inflatable Football Tunnel

Even the youngest sports fans and athletes (kindergarten – sixth grade) understand the exhilaration of exploding onto the field through an inflatable football tunnel.  This sense of school pride is part of the reason the East Central Independent School District enlisted the help of Landmark Creations to develop their 16.5-foot high sports tunnel.

Rider University Cranberry King Inflatable Costume

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Inflatable Cranberry Costume for Rider University

Rider University's Inflatable Cranberry Costume Engages Crowds at School Events

Cranberries and college may not seem to have a natural affinity at first glance. However, Rider University has a long historical connection with this fruit. Andrew J. Rider introduced the cranberry to the Queen of England who then dubbed him "Cranberry King of New Jersey." In addition, school colors are cranberry and white.

Inflatable Batting Cages Help Teams with Marketing Promotion

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InMotion Air's Inflatable Batting Cage

Inflatable Batting Cages for Practice or Promotion Keep Your Team In Motion

Have you ever had to cancel batting practice due to inclement weather?  Do you need an exciting way to interact with fans?  Wish you had easy-to-transport equipment for clinics and other events?  Then INMOTIONAIR, Atlanta-based manufacturers of inflatable batting cages and sports marketing/promotion specialists, may have a solution for you.

Rattlesnake Inflatable Sports Tunnels Get Fans Excited

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Custom Inflatable Rattlesnake Tunnel for Sharyland High School

Inflatable Rattlesnake Tunnel for Sharyland Blows Other Schools off the Field

Cheerleaders are great!  And bands are very entertaining, but if you really want to hear the fans scream, bring out an inflatable rattlesnake.  The students, fans and faculty have all been wildly excited about their new custom inflatable sports tunnel.  Designed in the likeness of a rattlesnake (the school's mascot), this guy "blows all the other schools off the field!!!" brags Sharyland Project Organizer Chris Cardenas.  "I actually felt guilty when we blew up our snake the first time, and then the other team did theirs. It looked so...uninspiring. Thank goodness I picked y'all!"

Custom Inflatable Tunnel Gets Fans, Parents & Players Excited

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Christian Academy of Knoxville's Inflatable Warrior Football Helmet Tunnel

Inflatable Football Tunnel Helps Christian Academy of Knoxville Generate Excitement

The key word here is "excitement." It kept coming up all during the process of collecting information from the school. What were their primary goals for the new football tunnel? "Create excitement for the fans." "Create excitement for the players." "Increase excitement with the students and impress visitors." The best way we've found thus far to instill this level of - well - excitement is with a custom inflatable tunnel.

Bay High School Inflatable Sports Tunnel Brings Fans to Their Feet

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Bay High School's Inflatable Tiger Sports Tunnel at Football Game

Inflatable Tiger Tunnel Makes Dramatic Entrance at Bay High Home Games

The fans make the game.  It's true with any sport.  While athletes love to use their talent and skill to compete, the crowds that gather around to watch and cheer make all the hard work worthwhile.  In an effort to boost team spirit even further, Bay High School enlisted the help of Landmark Creations to develop a custom inflatable sports tunnel.

Bucky Badger Character Inflatable Mascot Boosts Spirit

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Inflatable Bucky Badger Mascot at University of Wisconsin, Madison Alumni Event

Bucky Badger Inflatable Mascot Really Gets Around

Thanks to the University of Wisconsin's Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA), the school now has a new inflatable mascot that's been turning heads all over campus. With student organizations, the homecoming committee, the alumni association and the athletic department clamoring for the Bucky character inflatable to make an appearance at their events, this 20-foot-tall tough guy has really been getting around.