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Marketing Inflatables for Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

Gain Recognition & Boost Your Grocery Store Marketing Efforts with Inflatables

Food impacts everyone. Young, old, large or small: every person has to have food to live. Grocery store marketing is not about defining a basic need: It's about communicating that your store caters to your customers' wants. For instance, according to the Food Marketing Institute and Nielsen Research…


46% of working women shop in the evening.
83% of families eat home-cooked meals 3 times per week.
Seafood, dry pasta and candy are the most immune to drops in sales during economic downturns.

Using industry data like this, you can quickly create supermarket and convenience store promotions that use inflatables to draw foot traffic into your locations. Once inside, busy working women and other consumers might have their attention captured by a smaller inflatable placed beside a cooking demonstration. Easy home-cooked meals featuring seafood and pasta are on the menu.

But, consumers are exposed to your brand through other means than in-store shopping.

Through our vast experience with Bi-Lo, Safeway and others, Landmark Creations inflatables can help boost your exposure with lots of convenience store and supermarket promotions, including:

  • Event Marketing - Advertising at events has to be out of the ordinary or you will simply fade into the crowd. Whether you're present at ballgames or fundraisers, ensure the effectiveness of your grocery store marketing with inflatables.
  • Trade Shows - In a conference hall crammed with exhibitors, how will you get noticed?  Portable trade show displays and inflatable kiosks are excellent attention-getters.
  • Grand Openings - Introduce the public to your convenience or grocery store with marketing promotions that include exciting inflatables and fun in-store activities.

Did you know you can use co-op funds to help pay for your inflatables? We can show you how! 

Let Landmark Creations help boost your grocery store marketing efforts with creative inflatables.

Used outdoors or in-store, the creative and colorful aspects of inflatables make them perfect for capturing attention and diverting attention to any promotions or special events your store is hosting.  See how these popular stores have successfully used Landmark Creations inflatables to improve their success.

Inflatable Grocery Cart Replica

Want more creative ideas for supermarket & grocery store promotions? Visit our grocery store inflatables gallery.

Hy-Vee Inflatable Archway Promotes Sponsors & Makes a Good Impression

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