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JetBlue Inflatable Airplane Wing

Take Your Travel Marketing Efforts Up A Notch With Custom-Designed Inflatables

Oh what fun there is to have with travel marketing! Inflatable cruise liners, giant airplane balloons and massive hotel replicas are both attention grabbing and memorable… and did we mention fun? Regardless of what your specialty is - resort, cruise, hotel or airline - marketing promotions get bumped up a notch when you include custom-designed inflatables from Landmark Creations.

Because inflatables can be created in any size, shape or color scheme, your brand is not only preserved, but also brought to life in an entirely new way. Elegant or eclectic, distinctive or dramatic, playful or posh: Landmark Creations can design and produce inflatables that get your hotel, cruise liner or airline marketing promotions noticed.

Inflatables work particularly well with travel marketing ideas including:

  • Trade Shows - From luggage manufacturers to travel agents, the travel marketing industry is vast and diverse. When you need to capture attention in a crowded trade show, inflatables have a proven history of standing out in the crowd.

  • Marketing Promotions - From marketing cruise liners to airline marketing, promotions make a bigger impression when they're reinforced with a visual image. Let Landmark Creations help develop the right inflatable to help you meet - or exceed - your goals.

  • Community Events - The press love to cover goodwill events.  What’s more, they prefer taking pictures of eye-catching sights. Make your community event appearance more noticeable with custom advertising inflatables.

Inflatables for Travel Marketing. Regardless what niche in the travel industry you occupy, inflatables from Landmark Creations help generate as much excitement as a summer vacation. By using talented designers and top-quality materials, your inflatables can help increase the success of your travel marketing efforts for years to come. New products, new ships, new destinations… whatever the promotion, inflatables make it more memorable.

Want more creative marketing ideas for travel industry promotions? Visit our travel industry inflatables gallery.

Inflatable Arch Serves Multiple Purposes at Races & Events

Posted in Travel Industry Inflatables

Kiawah Resort Marathon ArchwayInflatable Arch Multi-tasks for the Kiawah Island Golf Resort

When it comes to races, where are the number one and number two spots for photo opportunities? The start line and finish line without question. If you plan to take advantage of the free exposure social media and the Internet offer, shouldn’t your start/finish line look awesome and be fully branded? We think so and Paul Shockley, Recreation Program Manager for Kiawah Island Golf Resort, agrees.

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