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Why Landmark Creations

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Why Purchase Giant Inflatables from Landmark Creations?

When you decide to add inflatables to your marketing plan, the task of finding the most qualified inflatable manufacturer to create, design and produce your piece becomes paramount.

You certainly don't want to invest in a giant inflatable product made of cheap materials offering a poor representation of your brand. What you do want is an experienced inflatable manufacturer that offers quality, creativity and superior service. That's precisely what Landmark Creations gives you.

Giant Inflatables Crafted With Quality Construction

Inflatable Fila Golf Bag

Your giant inflatable will be crafted from the finest fabrics, inks and inflation systems. Flame retardant materials; durable 7oz to 18 oz vinyl nylon; UV inhibitors for long-term sun exposure; double needle, lock-stitched seams for resilience; and artwork ranging from hand painted to high resolution graphics are just a few of the many features we put into each inflatable product replica. Each inflatable is designed according to recommended industry standards. Our giant inflatables are created by people with installation experience, so your inflatable includes installer-friendly features to ensure your set up and take down experiences are smooth. You receive a two-year warranty on your giant inflatables backed by an entire network of global support.

I wanted to take a moment to express to you how very pleased we have been with your golf ball and bag inflatable product replicas. The quality is great, and I must say, they attracted a lot of attention and comments from those who participated in our World Golf Tour National Tournament in Orlando last month. The ease with which they can be inflated is a real plus. Thanks for providing such prompt service, and we will certainly remember your company the next time we have a need for your product.

- Renaissance Golf Products, Inc.

Landmark’s Creative Design Team Will Produce a Stunning Inflatable Product Replica for You

Inflatable Birdie MascotThis weekend we were able to blow up our mascot balloon for the first time. It looked like our character, was well made, inflated quickly, and simply looked great. Your creation looked almost identical to the pictures and sketches we gave you. You delivered exactly what you promised. Again, thank you and your staff for your assistance and cooperation.

-Birdies for Charity / Quad City Classic

A careful combination of time-tested, hands-on techniques and state-of-the-art computer graphic design make for an end result of an inflatable that is truly life-like and highly representative of your organization. The attention to detail, realism and creativity that go into the creation of your giant inflatables are amazing. Any size or shape you require can be made using the CAD Design software, along with artisans, designers, and craftsmen all working together to create an outstanding finished product replica.

Superior Customer Service

We take customer service seriously. Everyone, at every step in the process, is responsible for the quality workmanship of our giant inflatable products. We fully understand that you, our customer, are the reason we continue to exist. Our mission is to delight you, and your customers, with creative, user-friendly giant inflatable products. We offer the best possible services to help you exceed your potential in promoting events and brands by utilizing custom inflatables, product replicas, and inflatable advertising that will reinforce your corporate identity.

Living up to such a high standard of customer service also mandates that we provide you with competitive prices, fast turnaround times (3-4 weeks manufacturing time), flexible payment options (including American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover) and a network of service professionals who stretch across the United States and the world. We can adjust our level of service to fit your needs. Whether your style is "hands on" or "hands free," we can accommodate you.

Inflatable Wheaties Cereal Box"Thank you very much for preparing the Wheaties/Wild Inflatable box and volunteering to tend to the box at the Pre Season kickoff of the Minnesota Wild. You went above and beyond what I thought you would do for General Mills' presence at the kickoff party. Your enthusiasm and dedication was clearly demonstrated from the first time I spoke with you over the phone, and have only increased since that point. That is just one example of your effort to go above and beyond what was asked of you for our event! You were dependable and enthusiastic. Thank you again."

- General Mills


You may prefer to have our professional installation team manage and maintain your new giant inflatable creation. If that's the case, we can maintain, store, transport and manage your inflatables, balloons or costumes with our extensive network of installers available worldwide.

We can also provide heavy-duty shipping and storage containers, special containers that protect your giant inflatables, and easy options for shipping them to your next event. In addition, you can take advantage of our internal and external lighting systems, and cleaning and repair services. Need to change the message on your balloon? Landmark makes it simple with our exclusive hook and loop alphabet banner system. Change the message on your balloon quickly and easily. It's a unique way to keep your advertising up to date!

We want your experience with giant inflatables, product replicas and costumes to be the best it can be.

The biggest praise we get is to have you, our customer, pleased with the product and excited about an event that exceeded your goals! Contact us today for more information about giant inflatable products.