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Inflatable Mascot Propane Tank Doubles Sales

Inflatable Propane Tank Gas Station Doubles Sales Thanks to Inflatable Mascot

When you own / operate a gas station, customers generally think of you for fuel and perhaps sodas or candy. Often, however, other services might be forgotten because they aren't needed as regularly. This is precisely what Kless Boys experienced.

Any marketer will tell you that the cure for forgotten services (or products) is to put them right in front of the customer. That's why Kless Boys commissioned Landmark Creations to develop "Gassy," their inflatable mascot propane tank.

Co-owner Mark Kless explains, "With the help of Tom, we were able to modify one of Landmark Creations' existing inflatable propane tank designs to perfectly fit the needs of our promotion. The new inflatable (which we have affectionately named Gassy) draws attention from the road traffic that passes our business."

"Propane sales have more than doubled since we plugged Gassy in!"

Standing proudly by the roadside, Gassy can't help but be seen. As customers drive in to fill up their gas tanks, they are also reminded to bring their propane tanks on the next visit. Amazing what a 12-foot-tall, smiley-faced inflatable can do!

Invest a little … earn a lot. Seems like a no-brainer, wouldn't you say?

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