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Inflatable Product Replica Provides Photo Ops Through Event Marketing

Gibson Tires Inflatable Automotive BillboardAn Inflatable Product Replica Means Never Paying to Promote Another Brand

Does this sound like you? "We have always rented inflatables for our events mostly from manufacturers. We were paying to promote other brands."

Like many small businesses, it seems logical at first to rent large promotional items instead of buying your own. However, the problem with this approach is that those other inflatables are generic.

 While rented inflatables might depict a product like yours, they won't give you the brand recognition these marketing balloons are famous for instilling. Gipson's Tire Pros found this out and, once they realized the advantage of owning their own custom inflatable product replica, their event marketing got a shot in the arm.

Owner Hootie Gipson explains: "This year we decided it was time to start using an inflatable with our name on it. We can put our brand front and center. We used our inflatable for the first time recently and found that folks loved taking photos in front of it and really drew the crowd over to our booth area. We were very pleased with the way it displays our brand."

And because those photos inevitably end up on social media, Gipson also gets a wonderful little viral effect. Want some?

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