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Motorcycle Company Finds Multiple Uses for Inflatable Logo

Klock Werks Inflatable LogoVendor Booths, Parades, Rallies ... Inflatable Logos Improve Brand Visibility Everywhere They Go

To hear Laura Klock, from Klock Werks tell it, the company's new inflatable logo is the fulfillment of a long-term dream. "My husband, Brian Klock, has wanted an inflatable of our logo for many years.

It was honestly something we never put high on the list because we simply thought it would be cost prohibitive. I'm so happy he got his wish. It's amazing!" 

Brian knew why an inflatable was so important.

"We set the 75th Annual Sturgis motorcycle rally as our deadline to have our inflatable done," says Ms. Klock.

 "It was imperative that we have the right combination of trailer, awning and signage to let the record-breaking Sturgis crowd know where we were located amongst the sea of vendors. Our trailer faces I-90 at Black Hills Harley-Davidson in Rapid City, but it was our first year with a smaller trailer, and we knew that return visitors might be looking for our previous, much larger trailer.

"The idea of a custom inflatable came to life and, while we thought it might be too expensive or hard to achieve, we found out quickly how easy Landmark Creations made the process! Not only did we receive a proof within a day, it was way more affordable than we expected. Landmark worked with the custom awning company to be sure our new awning would have the necessary opening to fit the inflatable. And when we received it, we were all extremely impressed with the quality and the accuracy!

"Not only did the combination bring RECORD numbers of customers to our truck, our new setup left a lasting impression on other vendors, and we are happy to pass along Landmark's information to them."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

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