Inflatable Product Replica Draws Attention and Increases Sales

Hard Rock Can Inflatable ReplicaInflatable Drink Can Replica Helps Spread Brand Awareness

How do you stand out in a crowded marketplace and make your brand unforgettable? Start with a giant inflatable replica as Hard Rock Energy Drink did, and you'll feel the buzz building from the minute you set up your display booth.

Chosen for its portability, this inflatable product replica makes the rounds at marketing events, and never fails to increase foot traffic and brand awareness. Standing more than 15 feet tall, it towers over nearly everything and simply cannot be missed. The instantly recognizable Hard Rock logo tops the can, creating an immediate connection with the crowd as well as plenty of curiosity about the brand's latest offering.

According to Chief Operating Officer Brent Campbell, the results have been fantastic. The company needed a unique display that was portable enough to be used at a variety of marketing events, and this can went above and beyond expectations. "Everywhere it goes, folks go out of their way to catch a glimpse of the colorful inflatable" says Brent. It's a different kind of energy, and one the company is happy to accept.

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