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Cold-Air Inflatable Product Replica Draws Crowds at Events

custom inflatable Montauk Inflatable Beer Can on back of pick-up truckCold-Air Inflatable Helps Launch New Product Line Through Event Marketing

Pop quiz! When event marketing is a major part of your promotional plan, and you want to get the word out about your new line, what’s the best investment you can make? Answer: an inflatable product replica, of course.

Montauk Brewing Company agrees. According to Co-Founder Vaughan Cutillo, “We want to spread the word that Montauk Brewing Company is launching new 12-ounce cans [and] the inflatable is perfect for this.”

As he explains, “It really does stand out in a crowd. People love the inflatable [product replica]. It is exactly like our new cans and it draws the right kind of attention.”

When traveling the marketing circuit, Montauk’s new cold-air inflatable Driftwood Ale beer can makes an impressive stand at beer festivals, beer-tasting events, trade shows, parades and other events.

Best of all, it ended a longtime ordeal for the promotional team. “The setup is so easy. We have had event tents and other promotional items in the past that were a nightmare to set up and break down. The inflatable is now the easiest part of the setup, and probably the most identifiable.”