Moonshine? Nah! Just an Amazingly Realistic Inflatable Product Replica

Ole Smoky Inflatable Moonshine Bottle at NASCAR EventOle Smoky Inflatable Product Replica Moonshine Jar

Selling moonshine? Yep! And fully licensed to do it, too. In fact, the folks at Ole Smoky are the first to be federally licensed to distill spirits in East Tennessee. And to be clear, we are talking about white lightning (among other things).

With a variety of flavors, including Apple Pie, Peach and Original, Ole Smoky wanted to bring its 100-year-old, mountain-made recipe to the public through a variety of mobile marketing events.

And you know what that means… inflatable product replica!

\The natural affinity between cold air inflatables and mobile marketing equates to attention-getting fun that draws people in from far and wide. So far, Ole Smoky has presented its 15-foot-tall inflatable mason jar at NASCAR events, trade shows, parades, music festivals and special on-site distillery events with great results.

Because inflatables are virtually unmatched at attracting attention even in crowded venues, Ole Smoky saw increases in retail and moonshine sales. But beyond that, they also got some fab photo opps. In the age of social media, that can be priceless!

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