Wine Bottle Product Replica Stands Above the Crowd

Valenzano Inflatable Wine Bottle at Wine FestivalValenzano Winery Product Replica Edges Out Competition

Anthony Valenzano had a problem. "We wanted to be noticed as a prominent winery among 25 competitors. We needed visible signage that stood out and made a grand impression. These events are always on open fields so wind has always been an issue with signage making many banners and stands not practical."

What's a winery to do when they need to stand out in a crowd and be noticed? Of course, this is a perfect application for giant advertising balloons.

Crafting a product replica with great accuracy, Landmark Creations brought the Valenzano product to life right before the eyes of their customers and their competition. After all, if your competition is using signage that flaps in the breeze and you've pull out the big guns with a Landmark product replica, who do you think would walk away with more visibility?

Anthony continues, "Our 15-foot [giant advertising balloon] accomplished our goals. It stood several feet higher than the entrance to our tent and was one of the first things that people noticed as they entered the festival grounds. I could tell that our competitors were hoping the balloon took off and blew away but it didn’t budge."  Just the way it should be. And, Anthony got an added bonus that day. People were literally lining up to have their picture taken with the inflatable bottle that had the Valenzano logo right on the front. Now that's some excellent viral marketing!

Why did Valenzano choose Landmark over all the others? "I priced [product replicas] with several companies and when I got on the phone with Tom from Landmark I could tell right away that he was a professional, honest and straight forward. From then on, it was a no-brainer."  We couldn't agree more!

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