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Inflatable Arch Helps Florida Nonprofit Reach New Heights for Life

custom inflatable walk for life arch outdoors across walking pathGiant Inflatable Arch Raises Greater Funds and Awareness

Each year Choices Women’s Clinic sponsors its annual Walk for Life at Blue Jacket Park in Orlando. Designed to raise funds for the cause of life, the 1- and 2-mile walk enlists hundreds of volunteer walkers, all supported by pledges from members of the community.

Year after year, the fun, family-friendly event garners significant support. But Choices Women’s Center sought to make an even bigger impact. According to Development Manager Kelly McMurray, “We wanted to create a stronger visual impression and improve our brand awareness at our community fundraising event.”

So, in spring 2022, McMurray asked Landmark Creations to build a giant inflatable arch, which would serve as the start and finish line for the May 7 Walk for Life.

Landmark quickly rose to the challenge. Our crack team of design-and-build experts crafted a custom inflatable arch, towering 15 feet high and spanning 21 feet across. Branded with the Choices and Walk for Life logos, the gorgeous hexagonal arch made a dramatic impression.

According to McMurray, the results were just as dramatic: “We raised $435,000, a 9% increase from the previous year, and had 14% more foot traffic when using our incredible Landmark Creation!”

Why did Choices Women’s Center choose Landmark in the first place? “We wanted something made in America,” McMurray explains. “Landmark offered unmatched customer service and affordable pricing for our non-profit!”

McMurray says she would “100% recommend Landmark Creations to anyone looking. They exceeded our expectations.”