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Inflatable Archway Directs the Way for Children in Local Church

Kids Life Inflatable ArchwayLocal Church Uses Colorful Inflatable Arch to Guide Children

When small startup churches need a place to meet, they often congregate in whatever affordable space is available. Case in point: one of The Life Church's six campuses currently occupies a movie theater.

Having a need to direct children and parents to the kids' area (and a desire to make it fun and inviting), The Life Church reached out to Landmark Creations for help.

The Kids Life arch showers children with a rainbow of colors as they walk underneath. This vibrant welcome sets the tone for a happy, meaningful lesson and fellowship time with other kids with similar beliefs. In addition, it sets this area of the theater apart so kids can claim it as their own domain. A church representative explained, "We set up and tear down all our equipment every Sunday. We got one of your [inflatable] arches to add some life to a very bland hallway and also use it as signage to show where our kids' classrooms are located. All the kids really love it!"

Whether The Life Church continues to use their arch in the current, temporary setting or permanently inflates it at their new facility, this inflatable archway will continue to delight kids for years to come.