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Inflatable Mascot Helps Conway Area Chamber of Commerce Promote Education

Inflatable Toad Mascot at Community EventConway Area Chamber of Commerce Inflatable Mascot is "A Huge Hit!"

The Conway Area Chamber of Commerce has two lofty goals. The first is to promote economic development. The second is to enhance the quality of life in Conway, Arkansas. Who would think that these two could be accomplished jointly with the help of an inflatable mascot?

During the Toad Suck Daze festival (one of Arkansas' largest events) the Chamber's inflatable toad stands post at the Toad Dome. According to Director of Events, Mary Margaret Satterfield, "This is a high traffic area that [hosts] our most unique activity – the World Famous Championship Toad Races. The inflatable [mascot] was set up by the exit of the racing area. Many kids got their picture there with their racing ribbons."

What results did they get? The press came hopping over to take a look and covered the introduction of this new inflatable a few days prior to the event. The original mascot was retired when the Chamber decided it wanted a more customized toad.

"Landmark Creations produced our original [character] inflatable. It was a quality inflatable and served us well for many years so, when we began looking to replace it, we of course went back to Landmark. We also found that Landmark was more price-conscious and had great customer service."