SUPERHERO SCRAMBLE'S Custom Inflatable Archway Helps a Great Cause

SUPERHERO SCRAMBLE Inflatable Start Arch at Racing EventSUPERHERO SCRAMBLE Supports Troops with Inflatable Archway & Slime

Yes, you read that right… slime. Did we mention superhero costumes? While it's certainly not your typical charity race, the SUPERHERO SCRAMBLE might just well be the most creative we've seen in a long time.

In an effort to support our troops (as well as police, firefighters, EMTs and paramedics), this wild man (and woman) foot race consists of approximately 4 to 6 miles and 20+ obstacles that will give anyone a run for their money - anyone willing to wear a superhero costume, that is.

Before you cross the finish line, you must pass through the SUPER SLIME. Add that to the blood, sweat, tears and mud you'll also encounter during this event and you’ll find yourself in a real mess… literally.

To add a bit of cohesiveness to the event (who’da thought?), the creators of the SUPERHERO SCRAMBLE came to Landmark Creations. Two custom inflatable archways were created: one for the starting line and one for the finish line. Ryan Summers, co-founder of SUPERHERO SCRAMBLE, explained, "Using the inflatable archways at our events helps us achieve and maintain branding consistency throughout our entire event. It is also a great marketing tool when participants take photos with the inflatables in the background."

The results? Over $16,000 raised so far for the Forgotten Solders Outreach and other worthy charities. We're always proud to be associated with those who seek to do good for others.

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