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TEAM Coalition Uses Cold-Air Inflatables to Promote Responsible Drinking

TEAM Coalition Inflatable FootballTEAM Coalition Goes Interactive with Promotional Cold-Air Inflatables

In 2013, there was a fierce competition between NFL teams that had nothing to do with football. TEAM Coalition (working with Bud Light®) created the Bud Light Good Sport Designated Driver Challenge designed to promote responsible drinking and positive fan behavior at sports and entertainment facilities.

Three NFL teams featured promotional inflatables as part of their challenges: San Diego Chargers, Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs. During promotions at these games, fans were encouraged to get interactive by signing the inflatable footballs and having their pictures taken with them. Needless to say, those photos got posted on lots of social media sites and emailed to plenty of friends.

TEAM Coalition noted three results that contributed to the success of their campaigns. First, the inflatable footballs were attention-grabbers. Second, they increased foot traffic to the on-site promotion. Third, the inflatables helped the contest earn more exposure. They’ve seen from experience that promotional inflatables can get the job done.

But why Landmark Creations? Jessica Thurston, Program Associate, explained, “Landmark Creations has been making these inflatables for us over the past few years and always does a great job. They are timely, and the inflatables last for more than one season!”

Remember: Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk!