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Custom Inflatable Colon Helps Prevent a Deadly Disease

Huntsman Cancer Institute's Inflatable ColonInflatable Colon Makes it Easier to Discuss Colorectal Cancer

If a simple test could prevent a very common form of cancer altogether, would you take it? Then why do so many people avoid having a colonoscopy done? One reason is that the colon is not a topic people are too comfortable talking about.

Another is fear: if I have the test, the doctors might find something.

These and other concerns are what Huntsman Cancer Institute of Utah plans to address with their new inflatable colon. By using something as "friendly" as a custom inflatable, the anxiety about this subject is reduced, freeing people to see what's inside their bodies. By touring the inflatable replica and walking through a colon-like tunnel, folks learn that prevention and early detection is the name of the game.

"So far, we did an unveiling event and have taken [our inflatable colon] CECE to the Huntsman Springs Celebrate America event. We are taking it next to the Juab County Fair, Be Well Utah (health event), then our Cancer Awareness Expo," reports Outreach Coordinator, Lori Maness.

What results have they seen so far? Excitement! People love the inflatable colon and are hopefully taking steps to toward colon health.