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Custom Inflatable Replica Raises Awareness of Cancer Prevention

Giant Inflatable Colon Spreads the Word About Colorectal Screenings

Sometimes it's not enough to tell people about the importance of early screenings for colorectal cancer. You have to show them, too.

Just ask Mercedes Ringgold.

Ringgold is CEO of United Cancer Support Foundation (UCSF) a nonprofit dedicated "to the prevention and eradication of all cancers," including colorectal cancer.

Ringgold wanted a dramatic visual aid, a "show-and-tell tool" to convey the message that "early detection saves lives." So, she commissioned Landmark Creations to craft "Nolan the Rollin' Colon," a giant inflatable tunnel shaped like a human colon.

Landmark rose to the challenge. The finished custom inflatable – 10 feet tall and 12 feet wide – exactly resembles part of a large intestine, complete with spidery blood vessels. Realistic-looking polyps (precursors to cancer) dot the inflatable colon's inside walls. 

So far, Nolan has appeared at corporate events, event marketing tours, fairs, and festivals. Attendees stroll through the inflatable replica to see for themselves what can happen inside human "insides" when polyps start to pop up. 

According to Ringgold, Nolan has made an impact. "We definitely improved foot traffic, marketing for our non-profit increased, and the community is taking advantage of the wonderful FREE programs we offer."

Why did Ringgold choose Landmark? "We had heard that they are top-of-the-line professionals from other organizations," she says.