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A Giant Inflatable Colon Isn't Just for Health Fairs

Center for Rural Health's Inflatable ColonGiant Inflatable Colon Takes on New Educational Roles

With the boom in popularity, the giant inflatable colon is quickly becoming the gold standard of health education. Chances are, if you've attended a health fair lately, then you've seen one. However, as the interest in these custom inflatables grows, organizations are finding new ways to use them.

Take the Center for Rural Health at The University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences for example. This group went beyond the health fair and used their inflatable colon at two conferences with great success.

The first was an annual continuing-education event for health professionals. Even though the 300+ attendees worked in the health field, the response to the colon was still amazing. This visual educational tool got conversations started and raised awareness within the medical community itself.

Next up was the school's Scrubs Academy: a three-day camp where junior-high students from across North Dakota come to the university campus to learn about health-related careers.

According to Kylie Nissen, Project Coordinator, "The colon was its own session, where we had a physician explain different things about how digestion works in our body, and what role the colon plays. Students were able to learn the role the colon plays in the bigger picture of digestion, why colon health is important (and how we can work to maintain good colon health), in addition to learning about different medical careers that deal with colons. Similar to the adults at our Dakota conference, students were impressed with the colon and had a lot of fun exploring it." Their custom inflatable was even used during a video that can be seen here.

Kylie adds, "We are so happy with the results we have had so far with the colon, and look forward to using it for years to come as an educational tool in a variety of settings."