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Inflatable Colon Lets People See and Believe in Colon Cancer Prevention

Inflatable Colon HawaiiSeeing Is Believing When You Use an Inflatable Colon that Enlightens and Educates

Some organizations conduct seminars. Others host concerts. Still more run in their skivvies all for the cause of colon cancer prevention. Every effort to spread the word takes us a step closer to saving lives. However, one of the best ways to instill the seriousness of this disease is by show and tell.

Short of watching videos of colonoscopies or surgeries, there's not a way to let the average person actually see what goes on inside human bodies. (And that stuff can be pretty gross anyway.)

With an inflatable colon, the scary part is taken away, but the eye-opening effect and educational elements are left intact.

From health fairs to public awareness events, Endoscopy Institute of Hawaii has found "a definite increase in [traffic] as well as news coverage." I'd be willing to bet there's a good bit of social sharing going on, too! So the impact is much more far reaching than the event itself.

Why did the institute choose Landmark? According to Robert Canfield, "I'm pretty sure you're the only giant colon [inflatables manufacturer] in town!" We're good with that.