Inflatable Colon Works to Save Lives in Outback Alaska

L3601-inflatable-mini-colonMini Inflatable Colon Educates Southwest Alaskan Residents about Colon Health

Alaska is truly a frontier. With a heritage of remote wilderness areas populated by native Eskimos, many of the regions are still difficult to reach. While bigger cities have transformed into tourist destinations, many of the residents live in areas only accessible by planes.

"Alaska has the highest rates of colon cancer and twice the mortality rate for anywhere in the nation. Raising awareness for screening is paramount to decreasing our rates of mortality, if we can find it sooner or as a polyp, chances are, we will save lives," explains Joclyn Reamey, Clinical Assistant/Patient Navigator for the Colorectal Cancer Program.

When you're limited by the size and weight of cargo when making these trips, how could an inflatable colon possibly fit the bill? By shrinking it, that's how!

Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation needed health promotion ideas that would fit their mode of travel and still offer the same, high visual impact inflatables are known for. And, thus, the mini inflatable colon was born!

With its lighter weight and smaller size, it's a great take-along that still packs a powerful, visual punch. Mission accomplished!

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