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Medical Center Makes a Statement With Promotional Inflatable

Inflatable PumpkinMedical Center Connects With Community Using Promotional Pumpkin Inflatable

Once October rolls around, the holiday season kicks into gear with plenty of family fun. One of the most interesting of the autumn and winter holidays is Halloween. From fall festivals to traditional trick-or-treat costumes, kids and adults come out to participate.

This fact makes Halloween an exceptional occasion for businesses to connect with their surrounding communities.

 Sanford Webster Medical Center understands the relational importance this holiday holds. That's why they asked Landmark Creations to develop a multipurpose, promotional inflatable to help them use the time wisely.

Standing 6 feet tall, the inflatable pumpkin is simple by design. This immediately recognizable symbol of fall was imprinted with the Sanford Webster logo in order to gain instant recognition.

Because it inflates and deflates quickly, the staff will use this new addition during the community's annual Pumpkin Fest. It will also be used to replace the daunting task of creating a parade float each year. What's more, the pumpkin will make an appearance at the local Farm and Home Show. When not out cruising the neighborhood, the Sanford Webster pumpkin will reside on the grounds of the business, working 24/7 to attract the attention of passersby.