REACH Cold-Air Inflatable Helicopter Helps Promote Quality Patient Care

REACH Air Medical Services' Inflatable HelicopterREACH for Life Uses Cold-Air Inflatable Helicopter to Promote Membership Program

If you or someone you love has ever been critically injured and required air transportation to a medical facility, you can appreciate the vital nature of these services.

These unsung heroes make it possible for patients to get the urgent care they need in a fraction of the time it would take by ambulance. The problem is, air transports are costly and insurance doesn't always cover the complete expense. 

That's why REACH Air Medical Services decided to add the REACH for Life membership program which covers the total cost of this vital service.  To help promote their unique offer, REACH enlisted the help of Landmark Creations. The result was a large, red, cold-air inflatable helicopter representative of the actual choppers used in transport missions.

Now, whenever REACH uses their giant advertising balloon at tradeshows, in parades or at other events, crowds gather. "People recognize our red REACH helicopter and enjoy the [cold-air inflatable] version as much as if an actual aircraft was present," says Sales and Marketing Manager, Margi Levin.  "At a recent event, we heard attendees giving directions by using the ‘big red helicopter’ as a reference point. The REACH [cold-air inflatable] also became a great source for photo opportunities. Survivors who we have flown enjoyed taking pictures with our flight crew at the inflatable. It was often an emotional time as they reconnected and thanked us for our service."

Why Landmark? "We were excited to see the scope and quality of other inflatables produced by [Landmark and felt they] would be able to capture and replicate our helicopters effectively."

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