A Polar Bear in Illinois? This Custom Inflatable Mascot Causes a Stir

Behr Inflatable Polar Bear MascotThe Behr Bear Custom Inflatable Mascot

What would you do if you saw a polar bear on the streets? Under ordinary circumstances, you'd run for your life! With the Behr custom inflatable mascot however, you can run in and join the celebration.

This party animal gets around! Behr Iron & Metal (a metal recycling company) uses their polar bear mascot at customer appreciation events. There are also plans for an appearance at the grand opening for their newest location. 

When asked about Behr's inflatable mascot, Creative Director, Laura Laumer, explained, "We want to draw people to our locations during special events and hope [the bear] will be an attention grabber. We want people to stop, just to look at him and stay because there's an event happening. Where else are you going to see a 15' polar bear in Illinois?" That's one of the many benefits of using a custom inflatable and a primary reason they work so well with mobile marketing events. In fact, Behr has already seen results from their inflatable.

"He definitely is a conversation starter. At our events we've had a few people drive in off the street when they saw him and it gave us the opportunity to engage new customers. Everyone that sees our 'Behr' is absolutely amazed at how cool (and tall!) he is. The process of having him created was practically seamless and everyone at Landmark has been helpful and friendly!"

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