Heated Inflatable Tent Is A Mobile Bed Bugs Death Chamber

Remediation TentMoving? Don't Want To Take The Bed Bugs? This Inflatable Tent Kills 'Em Dead

If you live in a crowded city with housing that is very close together (townhouses, condos, apartments, etc.) chances are you have had an experience with bed bugs. If not, you most likely know someone else who has dealt with these critters.

Bed bugs are absolutely maddening to get rid of. They are sneakier than roaches, are tiny, and literally hide from a lot of different types of treatments only to return soon after.

 The last thing residents want is to bring those pesky varmints along to their new, insect-free home. That's why Thermal Remediation® from TEMP-AIR enlisted the help of Landmark Creations to develop a portable heat-treatment chamber that kills bed bugs in just minutes.

"The first chamber we made had too much air infiltration and required too many heaters," said Chris Strom, National Sales Manager.

The model designed by Landmark Creations is big enough to drive a car through (literally). The heat chamber can hold furniture, clothing, rugs and more. It reaches lethal temperatures in just 30 minutes using one heater and is equipped with zippered panels for extra flexibility.

Thermal Remediation® is now selling these clever inflatable tents to moving companies, hotels, universities, property management businesses and more so people can truly make a clean start.

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