Inflatable Cash Booth Draws a Curious Crowd of Onlookers at Trade Shows

hydraflex cash boothInflatable Cash Booth Is a Winner on the Trade Show Floor

When "innovation" is in your name, you can't settle for the same old seen-everywhere trade show booths that other companies use. Hydra-Flex Fluid Innovation needed a stand-out display that would grab the attention of everyone in the building, and that's just what their inflatable cash vault did for them.

Towering above the other booths and sporting a prominently displayed company logo, this inflatable is the first thing many trade show attendees notice.

Curious glances soon bring a stream of visitors to Hydra-Flex's booth, where it's clear there's something different about this display. Lucky booth visitors got a chance to step inside the interactive inflatable to be surrounded by swirling dollar bills, and an invitation to take home as many as they can capture.

"We wanted to convey our 'money-saving' message," reports Marketing Assistant Brandon Hoffman. "What better way than a 14-foot-tall inflatable booth with money flying around in it?"

Not only does Hydra-Flex's inflatable do a great job of attracting attention, it also gets the crowd talking. You can bet that everyone who visits this trade show booth shares stories of the fun they had trying to snatch dollars out of the air … all thanks to Hydra-Flex and their innovative marketing.

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