Community Support Expressed Through an Inflatable Sports Tunnel

Tornado TunnelCredit Union Donates Inflatable Sports Tunnel to Show Appreciation

As an inflatables manufacturer founded in 1986, we’ve created our fair share of sports tunnels. The typical scenario is that the administration, sports staff or booster club of a high school or college will contact us and place an order.

However, there is the rare occasion where someone outside the school system steps up to help out.

Leaders Credit Union was one of the few organizations we’ve seen that – unsolicited – offered to finance the creation of an inflatable football tunnel for the Union City Tornadoes as a gesture of goodwill.

As Josh McAfee, Marketing Manager, explains, “Our goal was to strengthen our relationship with the Union City public school system by providing them with a gift for their athletic program. Leaders Credit Union is somewhat new to the Union City market in Northwest Tennessee, but our heritage as a credit union is in providing financial services to educators in public schools. It was very important to us to show our appreciation for and dedication to Union City schools.”

Josh continues, “The turnaround time was fairly abbreviated, and we weren't sure that Landmark would be able to meet our request. They indeed hit our deadline and did not compromise on the design and build quality.”

This gesture of community support will no doubt have a lasting impact on the school and the town for years to come.

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