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Giant Inflatable Logo Represents New Relationship-Based Brand

United Shore Inflatable LogoUnited Shore Uses Inflatable Logo to Launch Rebranding Campaign

Rebranding a company takes work. Once you've depended on a brand for years, breaking away and moving in another direction (even if it is a better, more representative one) can be a challenge.

That's one reason United Shore approached Landmark Creations about developing a giant inflatable logo for their company fair.

This event and company pep rally was where the new logo was unveiled in front of 1,100 employees and their families. Why a “U”? According to Kelsie Lathrop, Marketing Coordinator, "The U represents two people coming together building a relationship."

Kelsie continues to explain that the increase in visibility the new inflatable logo provided helped project United Shore's new brand. "The U was a clear symbol of our new look and feel, and [how we were] uniting together as a team and company. It turned out great and was a huge hit at our events!"

United Shore had other options, but they chose Landmark Creations for two important reasons: our excellent customer service and our ability to create a custom inflatable in a timely manner to their specifications.

Making plans to rebrand your company? Contact Landmark Creations today to discuss an impactful inflatable!