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Inflatable Mascot Mixes Finance & Fun to Foster Brand Recognition

Champlain National Piggy BankCustom Inflatable Piggy Bank Sparks Smiles and Brand Recognition

As Vice President and Director of Marketing for Champlain National Bank, Jacqueline Hallock needed "something cool to have on a parade float." 

Her solution? A custom inflatable piggy bank emblazoned with Champlain National's name and distinctive logo.

Guided by Hallock, Landmark's highly skilled team built a giant inflatable pig – 6 feet high, 4 feet wide – with big, beautiful eyes and an adorable piggy snout.

The finished product proved hugely popular with both customers and employees. Dubbed "Mr. Bankus," the inflatable mascot now travels far beyond the parade route. 

"Once we got him, we realized he would be perfect for all public events," Hallock says. "We've taken him to a county fair, used him in a classroom where we teach children about saving, and...[displayed him] at events like our annual Client Appreciation Day-Ice Cream Giveaway. We also put him in front of different branches during the summer, just to give people a smile as they drive by."

Why did Hallock choose Landmark? "Landmark Creations struck me as the best option for an inflatable of the large size we needed. They won the business with their prompt responses to all my emails and being willing to create a truly custom design that was exactly what I wanted."