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US Bank's Inflatable Mascot Pig Brings Smiles to Customers' Faces

US Bank's Inflatable Pig on Parade FloatBring Smiles to Your Customers' Faces with a Cold-Air Inflatable Mascot

Remember the days when banks were stuffy places? Formal in appearance and demeanor, as quiet as a library and sometimes unapproachable for the common person. Long gone are those times!

Today, banks are working hard to befriend their customers, give them a comfortable experience and offer services that are truly useful. US Bank is leading the pack in this area in many ways including the use of an inflatable mascot to reach out to the public.

"Charlie," US Bank's new cold-air inflatable mascot, was designed with flexibility in mind. While representing a piggy bank (and the notion to save your money), this banking pig sports a wide grin and friendly face that brings smiles in return. His happy outlook leads others to know they'll find the same pleasant attitude at every US Bank branch. What's more, the blower for these types of inflatables can be powered by a small generator or other portable power device. He is easily inflated and can be used practically anywhere from mobile marketing events to stationary displays.

Originally designed for a "Ski to Sea" parade, Charlie will be making his rounds at nearby events and as a greeter at local branches.

What made Landmark the obvious choice for US Bank? Administrator Carey Nunn says, "Landmark met the specifications we were looking for: quality, U.S. made, reasonable price, and met our timeline for completion." We can meet your criteria, too. Give us a call to discuss your project.