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Inflatable Product Replicas for Resale from Manufacturer Landmark Creations

MWR Inflatable Bowling PinMy Promo Planet Resells Inflatable Product Replicas to the U.S. Army

Why do you call an inflatable manufacturer? Most of the time it's because your company, organization or cause needs a high-quality, custom inflatable. Product replicas, mascots, banners and more are common for use with trade shows, mobile marketing and press conferences.

However, agencies and other resellers are contacting Landmark Creations more often than ever to commission inflatable product replicas and other advertising balloons on behalf of their clients.

My Promo Planet falls into this category. They found it was easy to work with us as their preferred inflatable manufacturer to fulfill their clients' needs, improve customer loyalty and turn a profit. Traci Lehmberg, Accounting Manager for the promotional-products firm, cited best price as the primary reason she calls Landmark Creations repeatedly.

Because Traci delivers a premium inflatable to the U.S. Army, she gets the added benefit of a satisfied customer who returns to purchase again and again. Most recently, the Army bought an inflatable bowling-pin product replica.

The giant balloon was used to direct soldiers and their families to bowling centers for fun and games, as well as for Professional Bowling Association tournaments.

This is just the latest in a long list of promotional balloons the military has commissioned, including an inflatable tent, logo and archway all for the Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation division.

If you purchase mobile-marketing tools for your clients, give us a call. Just as we did for Traci, we'll help you brainstorm the best ideas, and manufacture product replicas and other inflatables that perform exceedingly better than you could imagine.