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Start/Finish Line Inflatable Archway Helps Wounded Warriors Heal

Wounded Warrior Archway at 8K FundraiserStart/Finish Line Inflatable Arch Helps Expand Brand of Wounded Warrior Project

Ten years ago, several veterans and friends were moved by stories of the first servicemen/women as they returned from duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. Their compassion turned into action as they set about providing comfort items to these wounded service people.

That gentle gesture has - over time - turned into rehabilitation services designed to help promote the healing of visible and invisible injuries sustained while serving.

 When the Wounded Warrior Project contacted Landmark Creations, we were proud to jump onboard. The goal was to expand their brand presence using the most visible area of the race: the start/finish line.

The inflatable arch was crafted bearing the Wounded Warrior Project logo and displayed custom signage with information about the organization.

As they celebrate their 10th anniversary, the nonprofit is using the slogan, "A Decade of Service. A Lifetime of Commitment." We join with Wounded Warrior in celebrating the return of our military personnel and their return to a full and abundant life.