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Inflatable Replica Immerses Gamers In Fascinating Futuristic World Immersive Custom Inflatable SCI-ARC BrainCustom Inflatable Airship Helps Gaming Company Soar

Lidija Kljakovic faced a daunting challenge.

As co-founder and art director for, an LA-based design studio, she wanted to promote Discovery, her company’s major new video game inspired by the emerging culture of rooftop urban gardening.

To this end, she decided to build a promotional installation featuring a giant inflatable replica of the game’s main character.

But that’s where the challenge came in.

The character in question – also named Discovery – was a colorful floating airship with a unique brain-like shape and design. Most inflatables firms couldn’t begin to handle such a complex creative project.

That’s when Kljakovic asked her friends at design studio Pneuhaus for advice and suggestions. “[They] told us that Landmark Creations are the only ones that can make our dream come true,” she reports. “And they were so right.”

With Kljakovic’s guidance, Landmark created a richly patterned custom inflatable, resembling the video game’s airship down to the smallest detail. Once installed, the inflatable replica – measuring 7 feet tall and a whopping 13 feet wide – soared high above Lifeforms’ multimedia exhibit.

According to Kljakovic, it had a dramatic impact. “With the inflatable we made the whole exhibition more immersive,” she says, “and the audience more connected and involved with the art piece.”

Photos by Joshua White

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