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Frisbee Dog Entertainment & Their Inflatable Mascot are Both World Class

Frisbee Dog Entertainment Inflatable at FairFrisbee Dog Entertainment & Their Inflatable Mascot are Both World Class

He's captivating. He's exhilarating. Once he takes center stage, you can hardly keep your eyes off him. Harley the Frisbee Dog and his inflatable mascot counterpart are equally impressive. 

Named for their 2008 World Champion, Harley, this giant balloon represents Frisbee Dog Entertainment as they travel across the country to county and state fairs, large city-themed festivals, home & patio shows, motorcycle and balloon events, holiday celebrations, festivals and more.

Why order an inflatable mascot when you have the real thing? Lawrence Fredrick, CEO & Entertainer of Frisbee Dog, explains he wanted "more visibility, to enhance our setup and to provide a memorable [visual] backdrop from our shows." He got all that and more including increased sales, press coverage and improved foot traffic.

Now, wherever they roam, crowds of onlookers gather in utter amazement as Lawrence, Harley and over a dozen others mesmerize fans at event after event.

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