Clayton Homes Brings in Inflatable Character Slash Gordon to Cut Prices During Weekend Events

Clayton Home's Inflatable Slash Gordon Character at Retail LocationSlash Gordon Inflatable Character Draws in Traffic at Local Stores

In this economy, one of the most pressing topics on people's minds is reducing expenses. That concern is only compounded when faced with making big-ticket purchases such as a new manufactured home. But, just when you thought all hope of saving money was lost, Slash Gordon storms the gates, busting down high prices to bring affordable housing to all!

Clayton Homes commissioned the Slash Gordon inflatable character to stand watch at its local branch stores. Retail outlets were enticed to purchase a particular model from Clayton Homes (a wholesaler) with the promise of Slash attending their sales events.  These days, with every weekend promotion, Slash is stationed in the parking lot or near the street of a retailer to capture attention. And boy does he!

Just imagine the reaction as drivers pass by only to see a 20-foot tall, electric blue Transformer-type action figure holding a manufactured house.  Not something you ordinarily see on a typical commute to work.

Inflatables work wonderfully as incentives in lots of wholesaler/retailer relationships.  The enticement can give wholesalers just the leverage they need to move all sorts of products from new offers to overstocks.  That extra boost of marketing help can make all the difference.  After all, providing retail branches with ways to increase traffic and sales means more business for you in the long run.

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