Corporate Hot Air Shape for RE/MAX

RE/MAX Inflatable Hot Air Shape Suspended at Corporate EventRE/MAX Celebrates 30 Years Using Inflatable Advertising Balloons

When Re/Max wanted to celebrate their 30th anniversary, they hired Corporate Balloons, an agency specializing in hot and cold-air balloon programs. They also booked the elite Chicago Navy Pier Ballroom with a breathtaking ceiling height of 80 feet.  In order to decorate a facility of that stature, you have to have something that delivers a definite wow factor yet is still suitable for the occasion.  Custom inflatables from Landmark Creations filled the bill.

As guests filtered into the room, comments of, "Wow!" "Cool," and "Neat" could be heard.  Before an audience of 1,000+ brokers and agents the anniversary party and awards program commenced with a giant, 31-foot inflatable advertising balloon as its centerpiece.

But just because the balloon was originally designed for use at the banquet doesn't mean it was packed in a box never to be seen again. Custom inflatables are, well, customized and this particular balloon was designed with a detachable basket making the entire inflatable usable indoors or out and with or without the basket.  Re/Max will get years of use from this smart investment.

Inflatable advertising balloons are exceptional additions to any type of celebration and can be crafted to serve in many capacities. Just one more reason why custom inflatables are a smart marketing move.

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