The Carl's Jr. Happy Star Inflatable Billboard Builds Brand Awareness

Carl's Jr. Inflatable Happy Star Billboard on Franchise RooftopThe Carl's Jr. Happy Star Inflatable Billboard Makes People Hungry

Here's a little Marketing 101 for you. The purpose of creating a brand is to increase familiarity to such a point that exposure to the brand brings about instant recognition. This can happen with words… a jingle… or an inflatable billboard of a giant, smiling star. Such is the case with Carl's Jr. restaurants. 

As they open new locations and need to expose customers to their brand, the folks at Carl's Jr. pull out their trusty Landmark Creations' inflatable billboard. The giant, happy star quickly gets equated to all the incredible food on the chain's menu including thick, juicy burgers; grilled sandwiches and hand-scooped shakes.

 Presto-chango! Just like magic, people see the happy star and immediately have uncontrollable cravings for awesome burgers and fries. (OK, that last part may be a slight exaggeration.)

Especially with everyday products where choices are easily found (such as food), it's vital to keep your brand in front of customers. With a giant inflatable billboard, that exposure (and the resulting benefits) is all the easier to achieve.

Looking for a way to grab consumers attention from far and wide? Inflatable billboards and logos are perfect for rooftop advertising, request an estimate for a inflatable rooftop balloon today!

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