Custom Inflatable Biscuits Deliver a Delicious Message

Bob Evans BiscuitsCustom Inflatable Biscuits Attract Hungry Customers on Social Media Sites

If you've ever tasted Bob Evans biscuits, you know exactly why they're so popular.

Famous for their light, fluffy texture and rich buttermilk flavor, these freshly baked breakfast goodies are customer favorites at the Bob Evans chain's 500+ restaurants.

So, when Digital Marketing Manager Theodor Scheid was considering cool new ways to promote the Bob Evans brand, he naturally thought of giant, inflatable replica biscuits.

According to Scheid, he sought to "create a fun and unique photo opportunity and promotional opportunity for guests" at the Bob Evans Farm Festival, held annually at the company's historic farm in Rio Grande, Ohio. He also wanted to enhance their social media presence. 

Under Scheid's direction, Landmark designed and built a custom inflatable replica featuring two inflatable biscuits – 4 feet tall and 8 feet wide – for display in front of an iconic Bob Evans roof.

With their flaky "dough" and golden-brown "crust," these realistic "biscuits" look good enough to eat. And, according to Scheid, "With our giant inflatable biscuits we were able to increase mobile traffic to our social media pages and increase user-generated content."

Why did Bob Evans choose Landmark Creations? "Landmark had a great portfolio of lifelike recreations that were impressive and eye catching," says Scheid. The Bob Evans biscuits certainly live up to that description!


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