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Inflatable Mascot Creates a Big Buzz for Food Truck

Eddie's Churro MascotInflatable Mascot Boosts Foot Traffic for Food Truck

Inflatables used to market a food truck? Granted, it’s not typical, but perhaps Eddie Garcia of Eddie’s Churro Factory has started a new trend.

After all, inflatable characters have already proven themselves to be powerhouses when it comes to stopping people in their tracks. Add to that the simplicity of setup and takedown and the inflatable mascot/food truck pairing is really a natural.

Eddie’s 10-foot-tall character will pack neatly away in his truck without taking up too much valuable space. Then, within minutes of reaching his location, the mascot can inflate fully for use on top of his truck or out front. When it’s time to move on, he can just deflate the character (almost as quickly as inflation took place), store it away and take off!

Plans for use include visits to grand openings, street fairs, festivals, flea markets and anywhere Eddie can find people who crave the yummy goodness of homemade churros. Hey Eddie! You could stop by our office if you’re in the neighborhood. Just sayin’.